How do I Choose a Diamond Wedding Ring?

How Do I Choose A Diamond Wedding Ring?

By: Cristina

The cut quality of the diamond is considered the king while you are purchasing a diamond wedding ring. As well, diamonds come in a variety of shapes, counting round, princess, pear, marquise, oval, heart, radiant, emerald, etc. Round diamond is the most preferred choice.

Is It Hard to Choose Diamond Wedding Rings?

Diamond wedding rings for women are classic and eternal. As there are abundant options to select, it can be daunting to find the perfect halo, solitaire and side stone wedding ring. The following guide will help you in selecting the diamond wedding rings that are right for you.
Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Rings

How to Buy Real Diamond Wedding Rings?

When selecting a gorgeous diamond ring, you need to keep the 4 Cs in consideration. These are cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. If you want to buy diamond wedding rings in gold online, you must need to consider the following:
  1. Look for trusted jewelers
  2. Examine the diamond
  3. Do consider the cut quality
  4. Pay attention to diamond certification
  5. Go for a colorless, eye-clean diamond
Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is the key point of the design of your wedding ring. Choosing the shape is a personal preference. The most prevalent diamond shape for engagement rings is round-brilliant. Others are emerald, oval, Asscher, and princess.

In case you are not certain of your partner's likings, you can ask her friends and parents. You must decide on your preferred shape in the first place, as this will decide the target considerations for color, clarity, and cut quality.

Carat Weight

There are no such things like perfect carat weight for a diamond. This means that this part of the procedure is entirely on your personal choices. Go for a carat weight range you are open to bearing in mind, like 0.95 to 1.08 ct diamond. The more the carat weight, the more the price of the jewelry piece.


The objective with diamond color is to decide on a diamond that seems colorless. But in contrast to a common belief, you do not have to spend on a D or E diamond to attain a white stone. Generally, diamonds that are between G and I range look white to the eyes. However, they aren’t too pricey.

You need to bear in mind that various shapes replicate color at distinctive strengths. Thus, your preference of best color, harmonizing the diamond’s look with the cost of the diamond, will rely on the diamond shape you have selected.


It is vital that you go for an eye-clean diamond, which means you cannot observe any kind of staining or insertions with naked eyes. Based on the diamond shape, you can often find a diamond in the range VS1 to VS2.

Side Stones

Side stones are a stunning method to embellish an engagement ring. They give a stylish, sophisticated look. Pave set or channel alongside the ring shank, diamond baguettes on any side of central stone, and colored gemstones in any number of alignments are some common choices.
Side Stone Wedding Rings

If you are looking for side stones complementing the central stone, go for the ones that grade close to the central diamond in cut, clarity, and cut.

Final Words

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