Latest Three Stone Engagement Ring Ideas 2022

Latest Three Stone Engagement Ring Ideas 2022

By: Cristina

Maybe you'll adore three stone engagement rings if you're looking for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind engagement ring. The three-stone engagement ring's basic characteristics are three diamonds or gemstones, although there are many alternative designs available. Two smaller side stones flank a single central stone.

These three stone diamond rings in gold were initially used frequently as anniversary rings, but they are now even more common as engagement rings.

They reflect your relationship, how far it has come, and the future of your connection with your spouse. They are also known as trio rings or trilogy rings, and they are a classic kind of engagement ring with a fascinating history. Cool, huh? So, whether you're looking for a rose gold Three Stone Diamond Rings or a three-stone diamond engagement ring, we've put up a guide on picking out three stone rings. You can choose the ideal engagement with the help of our advice.


Timeless Pear-Cut Engagement Ring by Diamond Nexus:

Think of pairing two unique forms, like these two round diamonds with this stunning pear-shaped centre stone. With this 14k rose gold ring, everyone will be looking at you.

Bezel-Set Three-Stone Diamond Ring:

Three white diamonds are bezel-set in yellow gold. These 3 stone diamond rings are basic and striking thanks to the somewhat larger centre stone.

14K Princess Diamond Prong Ring:

Three bezel-set diamonds are arranged in a row along a thin 14k yellow gold band. This exquisitely delicate piece gains some edge from the princess-cut centre stone.

Yellow Gold Three-Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring:

Two magnificent round diamonds frame a stunning cushion-cut white diamond. You can't go wrong with either of the two gold band options: yellow or white.

Trio Sapphire Cluster Ring:

This ring is for the daring bride looking for something out of the ordinary. A breathtakingly distinctive design made up of over two carats of purple and yellow sapphires is set upon these yellow gold engagement rings for women.

Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Three Stones:

A three-stone diamond ring with a channel-set diamond band is a fantastic way to give it even more shine. It's nearly impossible to pick just one because they are available in so many various types of metal and colourful stones.

Ring with Baguette-Cut Diamonds:

Diamonds with a baguette cut will always be considered elegant. This diamond engagement ring with a 14k white gold band and a centre diamond flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds are ideal for the stylish bride.

Ring with baguette and emerald stones:

A stunning emerald, green centre stone is surrounded by two baguette-cut diamonds. These three stone platina Diamond Ring settings have an intriguing horizontal setting that gives it a distinctive look. It is mounted on a yellow gold band.