About Us

With our 15 years of industry experience, we are Redefining the Diamond Jewellery.

Our successful journey was backed by sheer hard work, matching the steps with expectations of customers, finding the industry experts, designing unique concepts and reaching out to customers. We are recognized as one of the most trusted and celebrated jewellery creators because we believe buying a diamond or diamond jewellery is a lifetime decision, one should take help of experts for the same and we serve as those experts.

We try that any customer visiting our website should not leave it without buying diamond or diamond jewellery from us. Keeping this in mind we have designed collections that are perfect for customers.

We are a jewellery partner of every individual who is looking to buy either diamonds or some fine pieces of diamond jewellery.

We, at DIAMONIC, use our experience for you, so that you can be assured. Conduct the analysis of the occasion, the purpose, the parameters, the certificates, study everything to give you the best.

Why Choose us?

Whether you are buying a Diamond or Diamond Jewellery, it is a lifelong decision, it not only invests buyer's money but their Emotions too! We understand buying either of it is not a random purchase that we make without getting into detail. Therefore, we make sure that we focus on following points that make purchasing diamonds & its jewellery easy and hassle-free for customers.

We are here to make diamond & diamond jewellery affordable and we mean it!

Best Quality

Our handcrafted designs are preferred by buyers as we ensure quality. We believe our experts can make an exceptional quality of Diamond Jewellery. We make sure you get what you see. Also, we use our knowledge to grade the best materials for your jewellery.

Whether you purchase a diamond or diamond jewellery, we ensure the best quality.


We believe buying a diamond & diamond jewellery comes with a dreamy value. Therefore, we are ready to make the jewellery as per customer’s choice and preferences. We welcome customization, we are willing to give you the best. You can share the design and we will make your jewellery accordingly.

We believe in customization as customer satisfaction is our end goal.

Trustworthy Approach

Our service defines us. Providing impeccable service is important to us. We share every information about the jewellery with our customers and help them to buy the best according to their requirement and budget. 

Why buy from us? Simply because we are based in India and India manufactures about 90% of the diamonds of the world. You can get maximum options and better prices here. Of course, we will also look whatever is available worldwide, but best chances are something will always be available here in India.